Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Japanese Bagpipes

Piper Robert competes at the 2007 Ligonier Highland Games in Pennsylvania.

Several of my friends have asked about Piper's (aka brother Robert's) conspicuous absence from Cancer Banter. He's been busy at a six-week total immersion Piping College on Prince Edward Island. And (Highland drum roll, please) . . . he's getting married and planning a wedding at Casa Carrier.

I thought I'd coax him into commenting with a post about Japanese-Americans who are involved in the Scottish arts. You'll see that Robert's not the only Hapa in a skirt, er kilt.

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: I visited the City of Hope "clip joint."


Piper Robert said...

Well, it's not like I haven't/don't read the blog. While in bagpipe immersion on Prince Edward Island, I had some computer registry problems and couldn't comment, only read. Same with email. It's good to be back in the USA.

Yeah, lot's of things happening. I'm selling my house, getting married at Casa Carrier, planning the big day, practicing my art for competitions. Thanks to you, we plan to have a very memorable day in sunny California. Not sure of the date, but it's gonna happen. You're the perfect host and a great planner. Thanks a bunch for the offer.

Hey, that article is very interesting. I'm not the only Celtic-Asian (as I've heard us refered) out there playing the pipes. If you take the Strother work ethic and combine it with the dedication of our Japanese Mother.......wow. It's no wonder I'm an INTJ.

The picture you posted is very memorable for me because I won the bronze medal for piobaireachd at a major highland games. BTW, it's pronounced pee-brock. Gaelic for the old traditional pipe music. Kind of other worldly. I'll never forget playing and being in the "zone". The tune I played was "Struan Robertson's Salute" and is about 9 1/2 minutes in length. Staying focused for that amount of time is pretty cool. My goal is not to see anyone, hear anything other than my instrument and play from the heart. Awesome stuff. I'm not sure what meditation is like, but playing piobaireachd is good therapy. Also, the judge is Ed Neigh from Ontario, Canada. One of the top pipers in the world. I had a little adrenaline going, as you can imagine.

We'll talk this weekend.

Love ya!

Big Bro

Piper Robert said...

p.s. Did I say I'm wearing Grandma's family tartan, Ancient Hannah?

Susan Carrier said...

Isn't it great to hear from Piper again?

Susan Carrier said...

I was hoping you were planning to wear the Hannah tartan during the ceremony!

Mathews Family said...

What? My dad's getting married?