Monday, October 29, 2007

Smooky was hiding on my hard drive!

Having a bazillion gigabytes of storage is great when you have years and years of project files to save (and save again on a back-up drive). However, if you plop digital files in the wrong digital folder, they may languish there for years.

Imagine my surprise at seeing Smooky in a completely unrelated client folder. Skye Moorhead took this portrait and others during a "writers' photo day" a few years ago. I am close personal friends with Skye, so I got to see her favorite shot of each writer.

Why I filed the shots where I did is anyone's guess. I can't blame chemo brain, but I do use industrial-strength hair dye to cover my gray. Maybe the fumes?

What have you lost—or found—on
your hard drive?


Susan Carrier said...

I call this photo "smirking Smooky."

Paula L. Johnson said...

She speaks!

And, hey, a good smirk is a thing of beauty. I can appreciate a menacing scowl as well.

suzy keleher said...

I love that portrait, Susan! Fabulous! So glad you found it, Paula...what else did you find? i have lost a poem that I wrote- about my ten year anniversary- on an old was probably for the good that it was lost! LOL Love, Suze

Piper Robert said...

335 Names and addresses.
112 Photos.
Grocery list from last week.
Canntaireachd for "Sound of the Waves Against the Castle of Duntroon".
Practice log for 2007.
'67 Ford hubcap.

mp3 of Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray
and various other tunes.
'67 Ford hubcap.

BTW, the smirk in the photo is the same one you used on James when we were on vacation. You know, the usual type argument.

James: What are you looking at?
Sue: -smirk-
James: Do not.......I said do not!
Sue: -smirk-
Mom: Why are you yelling?
James: She's looking at me.
Mom: Sue, don't look at him.
Sue: -smirk-

James forgot you saved his life a few days prior. Remember the life saving incident?

Susan Carrier said...

It's true - I was a very bad girl. I sometimes committed the crime of looking at my brother.