Tuesday, October 2, 2007

San Francisco, Here We Come

With sunny skies, temperatures in the high 60s and a strong need for distraction, I can't think of a better time for a trip to San Francisco.

George and I will be going up for a short visit from Wednesday until Friday, complements of Wells Fargo Bank. We're being flown up to attend his 25-year-anniversary dinner celebration at the historic Palace Hotel. (Of course, the way we figure it, Cindy has indirectly financed one of our trips, thanks to the outrageous overdraft fees she's racked up on her WFB checking account.)

I'll be checking messages but will be taking a blogging vacation for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time in SF! We're thinking about you. And congrats to George on his milestone -- hope they give him a cool lucite memento on top of a lovely trip.


Lilli said...

Have a great trip and eat lots of wonderful food!

Karen said...

25 years?!! How can that be? Isn't George just 40? (And, of course, you're younger than he is.)

Have a wonderful trip!

Mrs. Duck

Barbara Roth said...

Please report on all the current fashion trends you observe in S.F. with your skillful eyes you should pick up several new trends. I am so glad you get a break and a chance to renew. When would be a good time to drop by and visit you in L.A.? I am planning a trip down to S.Cal and would love to see u.

Mathews Family said...

Congratulations Uncle George! I hope you guys have a great time in San Francisco!

Richard Nemec said...


Haven't checked in on this site for awhile, but saw you from afar at the last IWOSC meeting, which was very good. Anyway, nearing the dinner hour and end of a long day of writing, your posts have made me (a) hungry for cabbage rolls, (b) curious about the colon, and (c) envious that you're in San Francisco, and I am not! Take care.

--Rich Nemec

Emmy said...

Just caught up on your BLOG. Very glad to hear you and George are taking a trip to SF -- sounds refreshing :-)