Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Colonoscopy Update

I'm home from CoH and still a bit out of it, but wanted to leave a brief post. As you can see, my creativity is in full gear - How's "colonoscopy update" for a scintillating title?

The good news is that there were no polyps in my colon. But at the risk of scaring off potential colonoscopy patients, I screamed "Ouch!" during the entire procedure. The first time, three years ago, I was groggy but not asleep and actually saw the doctor zap a small polyp on the screen. Didn't feel a thing. A few months ago, I was completely asleep and don't remember a thing. This time, I was wide awake and felt everything. The nurse kept giving me more Demerol, but that drug seems to have no effect on me (or perhaps it takes too long to work). The doctor said I have a very tiny colon, and from the discomfort that I felt while the camera was passing through, I believe it.

The GI doctor is ordering more tests. He said something about radiology, but by the time I was coherent enough to inquire further, he was gone. I'll have to wait and find out tomorrow what comes next.


Marco said...

Ouch! I have a pre-colonoscopy interview tomorrow, but being Hispanic, I'm ready to tough it out so that I can either breath a sigh of relief or get ready to go through a bunch of treatments - why do we do this to ourselves? Was it Katy Couric who was the Tipping Point for the Ream-o-matic? Regardless, you are more than brave - and thanks for the details (not!). As someone once told me - "Your butt is not designed for re-entry!"

Susan Carrier said...

Chances are high that you won't feel (or remember) a thing. Worked like a charm the first two times. I just need to find out what sedative I was given the first two times and make sure I get that the next time.

Karen said...

I have a friend who had a colonoscopy about 6 months ago, who didn't go completely under either and who also was in pain the entire time. She too is very thin, like you. Her doctor told her the same thing: "you have a very small colon". In her case, I told her "But you do have a big !!-hole (i.e., your doctor)." But maybe maybe very thin people do have small colons. In which case, you have to wonder "why doesn't the doctor make sure those patients are really under before they start the procedure?"

Thank God he didn't find anything! You might have jumped off the table if he had!

Mrs. Duck

(Paula, I haven't had any time to change my sign-on name. I'll do it tomorrow, I promise!)