Friday, October 19, 2007

ISDK (I still don't know.)

I've been trying to nail down my next course of treatment before leaving for Boulder on Wednesday. I want to hit the ground running when I return on October 28.

I'm back to inducing head scratching (won't be the first time). The CoH lymphoma team will meet next Friday, October 26, to discuss my case.

Keep turning those pages!


Karen said...

Susan, what is it that the team will be discussing about your treatment on the 26th? Is there a difference of opinion on whether to do the stem cell transplant at all, or is it just about the timing, or about trying to do additional chemo, or ??

I understand and sympathize with your frustration on all the delays, by the way. I'm like, Let's get this show on the road! so I'm sure you must be thinking the same.

And, on a more serene note, what are you going to be up to in Boulder?

Susan Carrier said...

There's no doubt that I'll still be moving forward with the stem cell transplant.

I assume that they'll be discussing what to do in re. to the "bad" PET scan. We have to make sure that there's no spreading of the cancer before moving on.

I'll be staying with my good friend Ellen, a former denizen of Pasadena. She has lots of wonderful things planned, including hiking and taping me on a radio and/or TV show on the community station shows she hosts.