Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just Two More Weeks

Last week, a chef friend came by to harvest fruit from our back yard. I loaded her up with plenty of grapefruits and permissions, but she'll have to come back in two weeks to pick lemons, avocados, oranges, pomellos and tomatoes. Each time we inspected the hard, green fruits on the trees or vines, we would simultaneously call out, "Two more weeks" until it became our chorus.

Friends keep asking me about the next step in my treatment. I think that some people think that I'm withholding information on the blog. What you read is all I know, but I hope that will change soon.

I'm leaving for Boulder, Colorado, tomorrow to visit my friend Ellen. After that, I'll be home for a few days, and then George and I will be going to Chicago to attend his law school friend's Rolling Stones-tribute birthday party. At the same time, I'm taking a side trip to Minneapolis to attend a one-day Lymphoma Workshop.

I'll be back in town on November 5. That's just two weeks away. I'll invite my friend back to harvest fruit with me and hope to be able to tell her and all of you about what happens next. All together now: "Two more weeks."


frankie said...

Can we still plant tomatoes? All summer my roommate planted tomatoes and they were the best thing I ever ate. But when september comes, he says it's over.
Is it true?

Have a wonderful two weeks.

Susan Carrier said...

Your friend is right when it comes to planting tomoatoes, but we can keep on harvesting until the winter. Actually, my friend Janet never pulls hers out and keeps plucking fruit until the next summer!

T said...

Wow! What a difference in climate. Our tomatoes die after the first frost (November)with no chance of such fall/winter plantings. Funny enough, our persimmons aren't ripe yet either. When I look at their beautiful orange/yellow hues, I think to myself: two more weeks. Of course, my 6 and 7 year olds check the bush daily anyway.

Have a relaxing time on your trips! Themed birthdays are so fun!

Margaret Finnegan said...

Hey, I want persimmons! Have a good trip. I'll be praying for good news

Paula L. Johnson said...

I skimmed the workshop agenda and had to giggle at the session "Novel Agents."

Susan, just for fun, attend that session and ask who will be reading your manuscript.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan Can not wait to see you in Chicago!!! Howard

Anonymous said...

How fun -- what are you wearing to the Rolling Stones party? Enjoy your trip!


Piper Robert said...

Two more weeks!

Two more weeks!

Two more weeks!

Hey, Sis. I'm back from visiting Big Will, Maude, and Jesse. Vaughn Mathews was visiting also and he was asking about you.

Got 4th in the full piobaireachd at the Stone Mountain Games. I was the only Celtic/Asian competing. :) BTW, the only West Virginian. Went to Hilton Head, SC also. Retirement is good.

Rolling Stones birthday party? Remember the song, "She's a Rainbow"? Maybe you could do something with that.

Save some of those big lemons for me!

I've got to work on my hiharins, talk to you later. Love ya!

Susan Carrier said...

Margaret, come on over for persimmons. They aren't the rounded Japanese type though. They're the ones with the pointy bottom.

Anyone else, I hate to eat them, but they look beautiful on the Thanksgiving table. One year I used them as placards and wrote the guests name with a gold pen.
I wonder where I'll be on Thanksgiving day.

Don't know what I'm wearing to the Rolling Stones party. I'm hoping that Karen "Mrs. Duck" will offer some suggestions.

Robert, congratulations on placing. That hillbilly-Scotch-Japanese thing is a powerful combination!