Saturday, December 13, 2008

When you're too thin, nobody wants to hear about it

My first-person essay about my struggles with losing and gaining weight will appear in print in the Health section of the LA Times on Monday, or you can read it online here.

UPDATE: Sorry - the essay did not appear in the print edition, but you can still read it online.


Margaret said...

I'm waiting for Monday so I can touch the words.

Ronni Gordon said...

It's terrific! Since I can't get the LA Times, I just read it on line. Thanks for sending it along. The topic reminds me of a story that I wrote for our paper on the inconsistent ways people react to others who are "too thin" vs. "too fat." For example you'd never go up to someone and say, "Oh, you're so fat," but it's OK to say, "Gee, you're so thin, why don't you put on some weight?" I had to go to supermarkets and other places and find thin women and ask them if this bothered them, and many said they had experienced this. (Although it was kind of hard to approach thin women and ask them questions about whether they were bothered when people approached them about being thin, since that's what I was doing!)

Susan C said...

Oh, Ronni. I wish I could read that article you wrote. You're so right, although I got more envy than admonition about my weight. (Except when I got down to 105. Then people were rightfully alarmed.)

I went to the beach on the Fourth of July because I was feeling better about my body and had been working out a lot. A male friend, who we've known for 30 years, took one look at me and said, "You're really skinny, Susan." I wanted to crawl under my beach towel.

I almost gave him a Thesarus for his birthday so that he could choose other more acceptable words like "svelte" or "willowy."

altadenahiker said...

Tim at altadenablog gave your article a very nice shoutout.

And my word is parti!

Nelle said...

I am one of those people who never lose weight OR if I do it comes right back. I lost 23 lbs in 6 wks being irradiated but it bounced back with more since my thyroid was radiated. Since that time I have struggled with weight. Still, I can understand that having the opposite problem would be just as frustrating. Most people only understand what they can relate to and most people find themselves struggling to keep it off not on.
Great article.

Nancy said...

Great article Susan. You truly are a gifted writer. I saw you when your weight was very low, and yes you looked thin. On the other hand, I'm always carrying more than 10 pounds, so I've wished I could give you ten! After what we've been through, it doesn't come down to our weight. It's all about being in remission. That's what I focus on... the weight, well, it is what it is... So enjoy your fortune in health. I hope to see you soon. love, n

Susan C said...

Margaret, so you're the person who's still subscribing to the LA Times.

AH, Yes, Tim discovered the article online before I did. He's quick that way. (And did you know that he also has a Norwegian Forest cat?)

Nelle, Ironically, before my cancer diagnosis almost two years ago, I was struggling to LOSE 15 pounds. Since then, I think there has just been a two week period in which I've been happy with my weight.

Thanks, Nancy. You're right - the bottom line is about staying in remission.

mademoiselle gramophone said...

You are gorgeous, Susan. Your insides just pile out on everyone and it's wonderful. I'm glad some of that ends up in print-too good to waste.

Personally, men often hurt my feelings saying stuff--- I know they don't mean to, but gads... for whatever reason it sticks and it shouldn't.

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

I was just thinking, maybe it sticks more because we are both daddy's girls?

Susan C said...

MG and Miss H, You are so right about those comments stinging and sticking when they shouldn't. I wish I could let them roll off my (skinny) back.

Oh, your remark about the "daddy's girls" is too insightful. So you're one too?

Timothy Rutt, said...

LAT didn't PRINT this? With business decisions like this, no WONDER they're bankrupt! I hope they paid you for it, anyway!