Sunday, December 21, 2008

The lazy food blogger makes butternut squash and sweet potato gratin

I swear I must be the laziest food blogger in the world wide web. After Pinch My Salt posted her recipe for butternut squash and sweet potato gratin, she received loads of comments from fellow bloggers and cooks who tried and loved the recipe. Not one of them whined about the sweat-inducing labor of working with butternut squash or the tedium of stripping the tiny leaves from a sprig of thyme. The first time I made this dish I swore, "Never again."

But then I tasted it and two weeks later I was back to whittling butternut squash and stripping those pesky leaves from the thyme branch.

Yes, it's that good. Find out how to make this at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


Everything Changes said...

Yes, I know you and I could have fun in a kitchen together!

pasadenapio said...

I just now forwarded the recipe to my daughter in Clovis. I'll be with her and her family for Christmas, and this will be my contribution to the table!

I'm excited to make it -- the top photo made my mouth water immediately!

Susan C said...

Hi EC, It would be a blast to shake things up in the kitchen with you. BTW, we're going to be "poster girls" together. Bill is coming in January to photograph me for his boo.

PIO, I think this is an excellent choice for your family dinner. Let me know how it comes out.