Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Driving for Noodles

Instead of an "I brake for yard sales" bumper sticker, I think I need one that says, "I drive for noodles." Especially Japanese noodles.

I recently drove to Gardena for a bowl of chubby Japanese udon noodles at Sanuki No Sato. Read about it at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


One Mother with Cancer said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for the support.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan! Sanuki No Sato -- if it's the same one (but how many can there be in Gardena??) -- is only blocks from me!! I've only eaten there once, but my daughter (our family noodle connoisseur) LOVED their noodles! But then again, she loves ANY noodle -- she's five. Ü