Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tea for Ten for A3m

Today Nancy and I hosted a "Tea for Ten," one of our silent auction donations to A3M (Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches).

We had a great time as the chefs and hostesses at this fun event for an important cause. Will we do it again next year? Do minorities need to sign up for the National Bone Marrow Registry? (That would be a "yes" answer to both questions.)

Read more about it and find out how to make lemon curd at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


altadenahiker said...

How pretty this looks!

pasadenapio said...

I love the sunny table!

Trish said...

ah yes, nothing less than delightful and delectable!

Am glad you're well enough to be helping the cause, rather than blogging about being in the midst of it. yippie!

but I have to say, why leave the lemon curd ONLY for dessert...goes well on toast in the morning, crackers at tea in the afternoon...I could go on...but I think I'm drooling too much and might short out the computer!

Susan C said...

Thanks, AH and PIO.

Trish, I'm new to this lemon curd business. I never even thought of smearing it on crackers or toast. What a great idea! Now I'll have to make another batch.

Ronni Gordon said...

You set a nice table. And for a good cause, too!

Susan C said...

Ronni, I thought of you, your mother and Thanksgiving as I was arranging the flowers.

Nancy said...

Hey Susan, It was a blast helping you host this affair on Sunday. Everything was delicious and your lemon curd was certainly a hit. I would also like the recipe for the cranberry scones. They were delightful.

I have to admit, when you first asked me if I could help you host this "Tea for Ten," I was a little skeptical. But I thought it's the right thing to do. Boy, am I glad I agreed to it all. It was so much fun to see all the ladies having a wonderful time, drinking champagne, tea and iced tea, eating finger sandwiches, eating desserts and just having a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Let's do it again and like you said, post our photos at the Silent Auction table and get high bids on this glorious item... All the while, helping A3M in their mission to find donors for all those in-need. It's a definite Win-Win situation.

An added benefit was spending time getting to know you better. It's always a joy being around you!

Thanks for everything. n