Thursday, March 19, 2009

Painter Banter (By popular demand)

The inspiration for our house's paint palette


After: A house of a different color.
I miss the ivy, but, like my hair, it'll grow back.


Nelle said...

It looks beautiful. I always wanted a home like that, English tudor style but I have purchased three homes and none of them were. Did you see the woman on Sixty Minutes this week about wanting the White House to have a working vegetable garden? I simply LOVED her. She has a restaurant in California and all food is fresh, in season. I would love to eat there. I am hoping to get a small vegetable garden in this year.

Ann said...

I love it! The house looks fabulous.

One Mother with Cancer said...

The house looks great, Hope you are doing well.

Today is the day for my Bone Marrow Transplant. So wish me luck.

Margaret said...

Looks nice. Very classy.

Linda Dove said...

Very fresh and pretty. I actually have been thinking about you whenever I see a Tudor driving around town.

Susan C said...

Nelle, I didn't see the Sixty Minutes segment, but I know all about Alice Waters and her push to get the White House to grow their own. She succeeded! The White House will be breaking ground on their own veggie garden.

Thanks, Ann and Margaret.

OMC, Happy birthday! (Did you know you get a new birthday on transplant day? Another excuse for cake.) You are in my thoughts.

Linda, Thanks. I think of you every time I see bacon. : )

altadenahiker said...

Oh, I like the way you lightened it up! Elegant.

Marc said...

Oh man Susan!

I hate being the sole contrarian here, but I can't believe you painted everything white, and cut down all the ivy. :( That was the best part! And with all the landscaping cut back as well, the house looks naked

The house was beautiful just the way it was. I wouldn't have changed a thing. The landscaping and the ivy is what gave the house character. It reminded me of back home in PIttsburgh.

Oh well, such is life! :(

Susan C said...

Thanks, AH. I was going for "elegant."

Marc, I'm more than happy to hear the "contrarian" viewpoint. (AH and I were just recently discussing the positive hyperbole that goes into most blog comments.)

When we first painted the house, we were going for something "historically and architecturally correct." We wouldn't have dreamed of painting over the stained half timbers. (That pink chimney is a result of not cutting the ivy at time of house painting and then cutting it later. The photo was taken pre-paint touch up.)

This time, I felt it was time to throw out the rules and go for the fresh, elegant look. I feel like the house has gone (in fashion terms) from a "goth" to a "gamine."

I'm familiar with some of those beautiful, old Pittsburgh neighborhoods. They really are full of charm and character. (Grew up across the border in West Virgina.)

I totally agree that the house looks "naked" now. As a matter of fact, I went back and forth for weeks about the merits of cutting back or retaining the ivy. I obviously went for the shave. I guarantee that we'll once again be in the "ivy league" in a year or so.

Thanks for your honesty, Marc!

Marc said...

If you had only asked me first, I might have convinced you otherwise.

Next time you'll know! :)

altadenahiker said...

which brings up another interesting point: Some palettes may suit certain geographic areas bettter than others. Some of the old East coast cities, areas of England, etc, can stand up to the heavy, solid colors and look. A look that wouldn't suit Oslo at all where they have pale and vivid blues, reds, oranges. And out west, a fresher look is more in context.

Petrea said...

Whoa, Nellie!

I waver. I'm going to have to make a drive-by judgment.