Monday, March 30, 2009

A Shoe-In at the City of Hope

While my doctor is writing out my prescriptions or making arrangements for future appointments, I sit perched on the exam table, dangling my legs and scrutinizing his appearance. I find comfort in the predictability of his wardrobe.

Today I looked down and saw that he was wearing a new pair of brown, lace-up shoes. They were the identical color and style as always, but looked as though they had just been lifted from the box. "Why, you're wearing new shoes, but they're just like your old ones," I blurted out as though I was talking with a six-year-old.

He explained that he's worn the same style for years. When it's time to replace them, he simply brings the box with him to the store, hands it over to the clerk and requests an identical pair.

No wonder he has time and energy to heal his patients, write thought-provoking essays and search for a cure for cancer.

(Imagine what I could accomplish if I ever found the perfect purse. My brain could move on to more lofty goals.)


pasadenapio said...

Ah, the constant search for the perfect purse. It's a never-ending quest!

I posted some picnic photos on my blog, including one of you signing in.

Barbara Roth said...

If anyone can combine both finding the perfect purse and raising awareness of cures for cancer, I am pinning my hopes on you.

Susan C said...

PIO, If I ever found it, it would be like cleaning out the hard drive on my computer. All that available space to concentrate on other pursuits.

Barbara, I thought of the hilarious story that one of your students shared about Dr. F. being mistaken for a homeless person when he was volunteering at a shelter.

Heat said...

Places don't make women's shoes long enough for me to be able to do that. I went to find a pair of sandals one year after I had bought the previous pair and they didn't exist any more :(

Ronni Gordon said...

Shoes! A subject close to my heart. While you are searching for the perfect purse, I am searching for the perfect shoes. It's not easy because I wear size 11, but it's getting easier these days. Your doctor is lucky he has it so easy.

Susan C said...

Heat, you're SO right about women's styles, even the classic ones, not being available year after year (or even the next season, for that matter).

I have bought multiple identical shoes on more than one occasion.

Ronni, We always knew your shoes would be hard to fill, but I had no idea they would be size 11s. My mom wore size 4 and hard problems on the opposite spectrum.

As much as I envy the simplicity of my doctor's shopping life, I know I really couldn't stand to limit myself to a single practical pair.

Last night, I went to a "mommy mixer" at a local bookstore so that I could promote The Orange Cat. I walked in and thought, "Everyone is so young and so hip." But then three women walked up to me after the talk and told me how much they admired my shoes. It's one of the ways women bond. We start with the superficial and then move on to the serious.

Trish said...

ah yes, if you could only find the perfect purse! Trust me, I keep trying to help you find one, even though purses confound me---you're more than welcome to them!

If you could add finding a cure for cancer, or better yet a way to stop it...I'd bet on you for sure...only if the purse came along for the ride!

OMG on the doc tho---one pair of shoes, one thanks. Then again, if I had to trade style for treating, maybe a good trade?

I too have Ronni's problem--on a good day I can squeeze into a men's 9.5 W, but usually end up in 10 to 10.5W (I tried on some K-Swiss the other day in 11.5 mens!). Usually, the 10 to 10.5W translates into a 12 women's size or more. It DOES prove my theory I am under-tall, not over-weight, for my foot size! And yes, Susan, it was not a mirage, those pearl white feet you saw in Dec are that big!

I gave up a number of years ago trying to find women's shoes that fit. Yes, even Nordie's has scaled back so much I can't really shop there either.

However, I've found even some men's styles like women's shoes---here one day, gone the next week. ARGH!

Thankfully, I can live in tennies most of the time.

Nancy said...

I really never thought about shoe size problems.. probably because my feet are extremely average at a size 7. I guess I'm lucky that way.

Susan, I hope our discussion regarding Dr. Nakamura's feet didn't prompt you to look at Dr. Forman's shoes, too. I just had to laugh when reading your blog. Isn't it weird that we would take note when a man has new shoes on??? God forbid, if they should notice when we're sporting a new pair or a new hair-do for that matter.

I love the "pursuit" of the perfect purse. If we ever find it, it wouldn't be any fun to shop anymore. I think you should design the "perfect purse." I'll get in line to buy that designer bag.

Glad to hear everything is fine. Hope to see you soon. love, n

Susan C said...

Trish, Aren't you glad I said, "My, what white feet you have" instead of "My, what BIG feet you have." I was so blinded by the whiteness, I didn't notice the size. :)

I love your "under tall" theory. I think it has a lot of credibility based on your shoe size.

Nancy, Ha! I didn't even think about our discussion about our discussion about Dr. N's feet.

See - all of us patients are obsessed with our doctors' feet. Doctors beware!

Come to think of it, the first thing I noticed about my first doctor at CoH was her fashionable but unpractical pumps.

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