Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mixing Medicine and the Media

I've always been proud of my hematologist/oncologist at the City of Hope, Dr. Stephen Forman, but I burst the rest of my buttons after reading his thoughtful and compassionate contribution to the Huffington Post, After the White House: A Retirement Plan for President Bush.

I wish I had written it.


Petrea said...

Right you are. A terrific piece. This doc is something special!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you....
What a great blog....thanks, you lifted my spirits today..
I'd just like to plug...COACH ....The product has class, style and lasts FOREVER....like I hope we both do!!

Debbie Stage 4 Met. Melanoma NED


Susan C said...

Petrea, That's for sure.

Debbi, You've been through quite a journey.

"lasts forever. . .like I hope we both do." That's for double sure!