Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SHHHH - We're not really here

Vibrant colors, a variety of textures and rich, briny flavors make salad Nicoise one of my favorites.

I've written more than once about how my cancer diagnosis and treatment have made me into a bit more of a risk taker. One of the fun ways that I can engage in a little harmless risk taking is with my trespassers picnics, where crossing the line is part of the fun.

Read all about my latest excursion and the beautiful salad Nicoise that I served at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


Bill Aron said...

Dear Susan,

Your posts are great. Since my cancer diagnosis, i have completely changed my life style to more interesting and healthier eating. Your recipes are wonderful.

I would like to involve you, or any of your other readers in a project of cancer survivors whose diagnosis has turned into catalyst to change their lives for the better. I know it has for you, which is why I am writing. The project is based on my own experience with cancer and involves an interview and a photographic portrait (I am a photographer).

For many cancer survivors, their diagnosis eventually became a positive force in their lives, as it did in mine, and/or their handling of their disease became an inspiration for others. Yet their stories remain within a small circle of friends and family. The idea of a project I am involved with is to broadly advertise how survival can lead to a changed and sometimes better life. I have interviewed and photographed approximately 60 survivors for this project thus far, age 7 through 99, and their stories are all unique and truly inspiring.

The goal of this work is to be an inspiration to those who are diagnosed with cancer as well as to the people in their lives who are affected by that diagnosis, including family members, friends and caregivers. The project will put 100 faces onto the growing subject of Survivorship; it will loudly declare that there is hope and that there is a life beyond a diagnosis of cancer. A book and exhibition are in the works. I am based in Los Angeles, but will be traveling after the first of 2009.

If you feel you would like to participate My email address is: I invite you to find out more about me and my work at my web site I am based in the Los Angeles area.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan C said...

Just wanted readers to know that this letter from Bill is not spam. He is a brilliant photographer and writer whose previous work includes Holocaust Survivors: The Indestructable Spirit.

I found out about him from another author/blogger/survivor, Kairol at Everything Changes:

So many of you reading this have your own amazing stories of change. Wouldn't it be fun to be in the same book together.

I hope you send Bill a note.