Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Open Mouth, Insert Chopsticks

Just as I predicted, I've been spending a lot of time over at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.

Even though my mother was born and raised in Tokyo and my grandfather was the chef/owner of four Tokyo restaurants, I didn't grow up with Japanese food. Of course, the ingredients are a little hard to come by in Catfish Hollow, West Virginia.

I'm making up for lost time at the monthly cooking class at the Pasadena Buddhist Church.

I hope you'll read about our latest creations, traditional Japanese vegetables and mochi soup.

(Note to Wendy, who I don't know how to contact any other way): I saw Mark the fire fighter/bone marrow donor at an event last night and got his email address. If you'd like it, email me at susancarrier AT sbcglobal.net)


Ronni Gordon said...

The background, and the recipe, are so interesting.
And you are so patient, taking longer routes instead of "cheating." If I see a recipe that has too many steps, I simply cannot face it. Sounds like when you cook you have a very Zen quality that could carry over to the rest of your life. I have to cultivate my Zen moments elsewhere! (But I love to eat and I'm tired of eating all the same old same old food and still can't go into restaurants. Oh well. Soon.)

Susan C said...

Believe me - I only get into the Zen mode while I'm at cooking class, but I do love to make food look beautiful . I was so proud that I could tie the know in the fish cake.(Noone else could do it.)

At home, I don't like too many steps or too many pots.

CLL Spouse said...

Hi, Susan. I stopping by here for the first time (not the last) and love what's happening here. Congrats on the birthday, BTW! You are pressing forward on many fronts. I find it energizing just to read a smattering of your posts.

Good glory, you're photogenic, with or without a wig. I saw the Ronni Gordon article elsewhere and really enjoyed it. I was glad to see your reference to it.

I'm on the verge of a ramble here, but just wanted to stop and leave a note about how much I like this site. Blessings on the purse search!

Trish said...

just for you we went and had sushi last night. well, okay, WE enjoyed it a lot too! ;-) And, btw, neither of my parents ever had anything to do with Japan, but it is YUMMY food!

Glad you're still spending more time doing other things than dealing with cancer. It feels good, doesn't it?