Monday, November 10, 2008

Bringin' Home the Bacon, Drowning in Spinach

It's lovely to wake up and realize I have no thoughts related to illness, blood counts, eosinophils, cancer or sagging skin.

Readers can easily gage the state of my life by the ratio of posts from Cancer Banter and Open Mouth, Insert Fork. When I was at my sickest, I completely abandoned the food blog. I've had a balance for the last few weeks, but I'm predicting the food blog will start to dominate again.

After all, I'm feeling healthy, energetic and . . . hungry. Go to Open Mouth, Insert Fork to read the latest about salad bar bacon and giant bags of spinach.


Trish said...

isn't that the truth---when we start a blog intended to inform people of our medical status and we are mending quite well, the blog tends to go by the wayside. But, what a GREAT reason to not post---too busy LIVING LIFE!

Ronni Gordon said...

Ditto what Trish said. Glad to see you have other things on your mind. I read all about spinach on your other blog. (Once again, love the photos. Still photo-phobic, as you can see I still haven't managed to do a post with more than one photo. Will try again. In the meantime, I managed to put my profile photo on!) I'm going to put spinach on my shopping list. I'll try the recipes with the cooked spinach, because I never really liked the taste of it raw in a salad. Ah, visiting a salad bar...still too far in the future for me!

Nancy said...

Hi Susan,
Glad to hear that you are doing better! You must have put in two full weeks of work on Starnight but all in the week preceding the event! We should have a Starnight de-briefing meeting...

I have a real food issue that maybe you can solve via your food blog. There's a taco salad that was superb. It was served in a little cup by a chain called Naugles (bought out by Del Taco). I've been looking for the recipe to that salad. I tried and found there was a petition for Del Taco to bring back Naugles menu items. Have any ideas how to get that recipe??? love ya & miss ya, nance

Susan C said...

Trish, I'm really enjoying this window before I have my one-year scans and bone marrow biopsy in December.

Trish, I'll email you with my phone number. Maybe I can talk you through the photo additions.

Nancy, that goes double for you. I remember Naugles, but I don't think I ever had those taco cups. I went to a website that specializes in restaurant recipes, but nothing about Naugles on the site. I'll keep my ear to the ground!