Sunday, November 30, 2008

I once had a cat . . .

Or should I say, she once had me.

Norwegian Wood, one of my favorite Beatle's songs, has taken on a new meaning since I discovered that my recently adopted cat Puss is a Norwegian Forest breed.

A surprising number of cat lovers (and haters) had been asking, "What breed of cat is Puss?" "Um, she's grey?" I'd reply. Then I'd add, "And she has eyes the color of freshly squeezed lime juice."

No, I didn't have a clue as to her breed. And this seemed to bother people. By the reaction I got, you'd have thought I had forgotten my child's name.

So I went to Google image, entered a few key words and discovered that Puss is a Norwegian Forest cat. Her ancestors probably chased the mice away from the grain supplies on the Viking ships.

Several of the cats in the online photos I found were dead ringers for Puss. I wish I could post them, but they're stock photography, available for sale for at least $50. Either Puss has been doing a little modeling on the side (to support her catnip habit) or she has a feline doppelganger. (Click here to see the image.)

Puss the Norwegian Forest Cat gives the "evil eye" with her characteristic lime green eyes.

I just have to be very careful when I tell people that images of my Puss are on the web.

To avoid misunderstanding (and teasing by the other cats), I'm thinking of changing her name to Nanna, the goddess of the moon in Norse mythology. Then again, that opens her up to taunts of "Na-na, na-na Nanna." Maybe we'll just stick with Puss.


altadenahiker said...

She really is stunning, so I'm not surprised she's a Norski. If you really want to be teased, post a picture of Betty in her dress. I double dare you.

Susan C said...

I thought of you immediately, K, when I found out Puss was Norwegian.

I don't have the nerve to post a pic of Betty in her pink dress. A few days ago, our gardener left the gate unlatched and Betty escaped. A kind neighbor returned her while I was out and then came by later to make sure he had returned the dog to the right place.

I was so embarrassed when he asked, "Are you the owner of the dog in the pink dress." I almost disowned her.

Trish said...

Beautiful kitty. Glad you figured out her origins.

I wasn't going to say *anything* about you posting a picture of your, ahem, Puss, on the 'net...just figured you were expanding your income possibilities ;-)

Kathy H said...

I love the look she's giving you in the picture. "You're not Annie Leibowitz, so what makes you think you can take my picture?"

susiegb said...

Gorgeous cat ... but I bet she'd died of the heat here in a Queensland summer though! Short-hairs (Abyssinians) are better for me I think ... :)

I love cats!

Ronni Gordon said...

Nice eyes.

She sure has a lot of fur! Do cats shed as much as dogs?

Nelle said...

I, a dog person, married a cat person. So it came to be that eight years ago we adopted Smokey as a tiny kitty. He is now 19 pounds, tall and long. He is gray and looks like a Russian blue but much too big. My brother owned his mother. Smokey is quite a handful as he adopts stuffed animals the dog as rejected and carries them at night like babies. He tries to talk to us. Don't tell my husband but he has really grown on me.

Susan C said...

Trish, well a girl's gotta' make a living. (Puss that is.)

Kathy, When I get that look (which is frequently), I always think that she' channeling her former master, Bob, who was famous for his evil eye.

Susie, Yes, I think it was bad enough for her to spend her firs sizzling summer in So Cal after being born and bred in SF.

Ronni, Unfortunately, I think the long-haired cats shed more than my long-haired dog.

Nelle, I used to be strictly a dog person too. We adopted our first cat around the time my mom died seven years ago, and he became such a comfort to me, lying on my chest and purring. Now I think I'm equally nuts about dogs and cats.

Piper Robert said...

Did you know there is speculation the Strothers were originally from Norway?

During some of the Vikings "exploratory" journeys into Scotland, some of them decided to stay.

Old Strother grave stones in Norway predate the Strothers in Caledonia. I'm told the Norski pronunciation is the same as we pronounce it.....Straw-ther.

Oh well, a nice story with no real historical basis. Just a thought that AH and us could be related and the reason you're drawn to your cat. DNA memory maybe.

Betty in a pink dress? Would you send a photo, please?

Susan C said...

Robert, That's interesting about the possible family link to Norway. I thought I saw a resemblance between me and AH.

altadenahiker said...

I really think S has to fess up and post Betty. On another point, I do think we're related. Scots and Norskis, certainly. (Did you know Grieg was half and half?) But also on the Japanese side. Have you ever noticed the similarities between Japanese & Norski (mainly Viking) architecture? And on the human level, J & N eyes?

Piper Robert said...

Have you heard of Up-Helly-Aa? It's held in Lerwick, Shetland Islands and celebrates the end of the yule season. A full sized Viking Galley, complete with shields and oars is pulled by a torch-bearing procession dressed as Viking warriors to the beach. After a bugle call, the galley is set alight with blazing torches. The Vikings then sing the traditional "Norsemans Home".

How'd I know about Up-Helly-Aa? Emily gave me a gift subscription to a Scottish magazine and this festival was highlighted one particular month.

BTW, did you notice Big Will's hair has serious RED undertones? Grandma Opal would be most proud.

Love ya!

p.s. Cats, cats with evil eyes, Vikings, Scots, Celtic/Asian connection, dogs in dresses...sheesh, what a blog.

Susan C said...

Hmmm, very interesting, AH, about the similarity between N and J architecture and eyes. I'm not at all familiar with N architecture.

Robert, leave it to you to know about Up Helly Aa. Let's go.

I"m thinking about posting the dog in the dress.

Piper Robert said...

Keep your eye on the swinging watch. You are getting drowsy. Repeat after me, "I will post a picture of my dog Betty in a dress."

Timothy Rutt, said...

I start by saying that I am not the cat person in the household. Nonetheless, our kitty is also a Norwegian forest cat. I'd bring her over to visit -- they can pine for the fjords together -- except she has not left our bedroom since we got the dog. Four and a half years ago. And the dog died a year ago. Greta still doesn't leave our room.

Susan C said...

Interesting. Norwegian Forest cats seem to prefer living circumscribed lives. It took Puss weeks to leave her bedroom and wander into other parts of the house.