Monday, October 13, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Today I chatted with Dr. Forman about my improved cough and life as a social pariah. He shared an old saying, "Better to have a bad headache than a mild cough" - meaning that it's easier to suffer in silence with a headache than to make others around you suffer with a cough. It's true, although I've known people who make everyone around them miserable when they have a headache.

I'm seeing improvement in other areas too. Even though we had thought that the left lung showed some clearing on my last visit two weeks ago, the radiologist had reported "no change." But this week, the x-ray definitely looks better. (I'm not just makin' that up.) And my weight is up to 120 pounds. I think that I have Trader Joe's and their new line of rise-overnight, bake-in-the-morning pastries (pecan sticky buns, croissants, chocolate croissants) to thank for the extra meat on my bones.

I'm gradually tapering off the Prednisone steroid from 60 mg to 40 mg to my new dosage of 30 mg/day for the next three weeks. As I've mentioned before, we're watching and waiting to see if those wacky eosinophils (EOS) creep up again after I'm off the steroids.

Since most of you know my brother Piper Robert through his comments on the blog, and I've mentioned several times that his wedding and reception were at our house, I wanted to share the photos. I have spent hours poring over these and reliving the wonderful wedding weekend.

Click on photo "b&r."
Enter password "susan."

I fell in love with the black and white jacket I'm wearing, but now I think it makes me look like a Pasadena matron. That's not the look I'm going for. And I can see that I really need to get back to my workout regimen, including Pilates, to pull back my slouching shoulders.

But the point of the photos is not for you to critique my chemo curls or fashion choices or poor posture. Look at them to see pure love and joy on the faces of Robert and Bonnie on every single frame.


Baby Bird said...

How wonderful to get your note. And it sounds like we live fairly close to each other.

Perfect timing for me to read your blog as I have been having such Prednisone Problems lately. Up and down, off and on. Oxygen on, oxygen off.

It might be great to chat sometime.
Bill (i.e. Baby Bird)

altadenahiker said...

You should thank that old goat at the library -- you showed her! The photos are wonderful and I know this is totally inappropriate, but I think your brother is a knockout.

Paula L. Johnson said...

Don't scare me like that Smookie!

I thought the title of your post referred to what you've been coughing up: "Bits and Pieces" of your innards!

About Margaret Finnegan said...

I'm glad your cough is going away, but, just so you know, I would never hold a person's cough against them, and I especially would never hold yours against you.

Everything Changes said...

Thanks for the comment on my 'cancer what ifs' post. You must send me pics of your chickens... an interest of mine but in the of Chicago.... I think not!

Congrats on the weight gain...I'm trying to beef up too. Martha Stewart's tarte tatin made with Trader Joe's puff pastry is easy and great this time of year with good apples and pears.

Trish said...

CONGRATS on being less of a social pariah of late!

Glad to know you're up on weight too. Now I know where my couple of pounds I dropped went to! Have a croissant for me, please? Have you tried their dark chocolate covered cashews? A friend says they are delish!

Seriously glad you're dropping the prednisone too. Slowly but surely, things seem to be calming down, yippie!

I know from Pasadena matron dearie, and nothing in those photos showed me anything like my grandmothers or godmother (I think she was the ultimate matron of Linda Vista), at all. What I saw was a LOT of smiles and happy times! All things you want to see for a wedding shoot. Makes me happy just to view them, even if I don't know most of the folks in the shots!

I'm off for a scan and blood tests myself tomorrow----working on 9 months of good news.

One Mother with Cancer said...

Those are wonderful pictures...

Ronni Gordon said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love all those smiles. Hey, you look great, and yes, we are both dealing with similar hair. How come yours is so dark?

Nancy said...

Susan, I'm glad you are on the mend! I love talking about food with you and you still may need to gain weight, but I'm gaining with you!!! I'm at the heaviest I've ever been (pregnancies exempt). I can't wait to try more restaurants with you. Let's keep eating. It's so much fun!!! I even visited Sharons bakery for more chocolate meringue cookies. yumm.. love, n

Susan C said...

Bill, Yes, I'd love to chat.

AH, Not inappropriate at all. My bro is a "knockout." You should have seen him before receding hairline.

Paula, I was afraid that my recent subject lines (Bits and Pieces, The Long Goodbye) might cause some consternation.

Margaret, Thanks. You're a true friend.

EC: I've never tried TJ's puff pastry, but you now have me craving an apple tarte tatin, so I will add that to my TJ shopping list.

Trish, as always, you crack me up.

OMWC, thanks!

Ronni, Was your hair gray pre-chemo? I only had random strays, but this new crop of hair is thicker, curlier AND darker.

Nancy, Looking forward to ramen rendezvous. Those chocolate/meringue cookies Sharon brought were amazing, the BEST I've ever had. I wolfed down three in the car in about 30 seconds.