Friday, October 24, 2008

While Smookie's away, her friends will play...

Halloween is almost here, and it's all I can do to prevent myself from diving headfirst into the candy display at Vons and just sort of rolling around until a few dozen "fun size" candy bars unwrap themselves and accidentally fall into my gaping maw.

While Susan enjoys quality time (and, we hope, calorie-laden meals) with her family in West Virginia, let's use this opportunity to play candy confessions. Please, no Godiva snobbery—just state your favorite three varieties of store-bought candy.

I'll go first:

1. Snickers
2. Peppermint Patties
3. M&Ms

Happy Halloween!


Ann said...

1.tootsie rolls
3.kraft caramels
To be honest, I really love them all.

ntbrad said...

1. $100,000 bar
2. Heath Bars
3. Butterfinger

But unlike Susan, I DON'T need the calories. Hey Susan, are they going to let me keep eating these during my transplant? I mean I will anyway...but can they know about it? LOL

ID said...

Hands down, Kit Kats, Mounds Bars, and those little miniature chocolate squares (Hershey's ?) that have those crispy things in them.

Piper Robert said...

1. York Peppermint Patties
2. Heath Bars
3. Almond Joy

Hey, Paula, I survived Maui!!!

altadenahiker said...

Oh, Susan will be so pleased.
Almond Rocha
Heath Toffee bars
Reese's Pieces
Malted milk balls
(so, I cheated)

Mrs. Duck said...

Tootsie pops
Junior Mints
Hershey Milk Chocolate

But my favorite candy of all is Teuscher chocolate truffles (all varieties). Best chocolate in the world!

Troy Corley said...

1. Snickers
2. Almond Joy
3. M & Ms with peanuts

About Margaret Finnegan said...

1. m&ms
2. mounds
3. Hershey's kisses

Anonymous said...

1. Nestles Crunch bars
2. Hersheys with almonds
3. Kit Kats

An early Happy Halloween to all!

Barbara F.

Piper Robert said...

Way back in the 60's, my favorites were:

1. Mallo Cups
2. Mars Bar
3. Chunky

Ronni Gordon said...

Nestles Crunch
tootsie rolls

Nelle said...

1. Almond Joy (they rarely gave these when I was a kid!)
2. Hersheys with almonds
(these either)
3. Snickers
(my Nanie kept these in her candy dish which is now in my home)
Hope Susan has a great vacation!

** SAVE MICHELLE ** said...

1. Baby Ruth
2. Bit O Honey
3. Candy Corn

Paula L. Johnson said...

I forgot about Baby Ruth! I love Baby Ruth!

I used to like a candy bar called Carvavelle, which was crunchy, chewy and divine. As a kid, I was a fan of Big Hunks, a bar which required serious muscle to chew. It was a nougat-y workout for the face.

Robert, glad you survived Maui! No sunburn, huh?

Nancy said...

1. Milky Way Dark
2. M&M's
3. $100,000 bar
I have a sweet tooth...

Susan C said...

Wow! See what happens when I leave town for a few days. What a fun surprise!

Brad, as long as those puppies are individually wrapped, you can eat in front of your nurses. I always kept a bowl filled with candy on the prep table right outside my room. Staff and patients could help themselves as they walked by. I filled that bowl up every morning.

I gravitate to the candies that stick to my teeth and make me look like I was raised in the Appalachians.
1. JuJubes
2. Mike and Ike
3. Good and Plenty

ganko chan said...

1. Snickers
2. Flips (chocolate covered pretzels)
3. Cadbury mini Easter eggs. These little, thinly coated, matte finish, chocolates melt in your mouth and are delicious beyond words. The downside is that you can only find them at Target around Easter. The upside is that you can only find them at Target around Easter.

Piper Robert said...

Hey, Paula. Also, hello, Mrs. Duck.

No sunburn. I don't think I sunburn, just turn dark. Bonnie, on the other hand, takes precautions....sunblock, time of exposure, et al.

BTW, it was a great priviledge and honor of mine to meet such fantastic people in Altadena. You girls are awesome.

List #3

1. Raisinets
2. Bit-O-Honey
3. Payday

Anonymous said...

1. TWIX!!!
2. Resee's peanut butter cups!
3. Milky Way!

Piper Robert said...

My sister has always loved the marshmallow circus peanuts.

Hey, Sis, why didn't circus peanuts make your list?

Susan C said...

Robert, I like the Circus Peanuts for their nostalgia and connection with Grandma, but they haven't held up.

Mallo cups - I forgot about them. LOVE them and haven't seen them in years.

Troy Corley said...

We used to get circus mean those soft, squishy orange ones right? When I shop @ Michaels, they taunt me at the cash register, but I resist! I know if I get them, I'll eat them all!