Monday, November 16, 2009

Maybe I Need To Get Out More

Today I spent the better part of my day at the City of Hope.

Since I'm really too busy to be a patient, I popped into the Patient Resource Center between appointments to check and send emails and finish up a couple of small projects.

After letting out an expletive at the keyboard, I realized that I was emoting while typing. I turned to the lady to my left and apologized, "Gee, I'm sorry for all the sound effects."

"That's OK," she laughed. "You're funny. It's like sitting next to the Sandra Bernhard of computers. You have gone through every possible emotion in 20 minutes."

And, to make her point, she said, "Here let me imitate you." She went through my soliloquy, which ended in "OH, SH**!"

"You should have seen me when I found out that they had removed the vending machines next to the pharmacy," I told her.

"I can only imagine."


Margaret said...

Too funny. And you really are too busy.

marinik said...

very funny, how is city of hope these day, it's been months since i last saw that place.... and that magnificent tree next to the parking lot, i often think of that tree and the rose garden where i've walked many times, wiping my tears away... sorry didn't mean to make it a sad comment. hope you're doing well :)

Susan C said...

Margaret, Yea - too busy to be a patient and too busy period.

Mari, Now that I've been a City of Hope patient for nearly 3 years, I find that I hate little changes. The big plush comfy chairs in the hematology clinic waiting area were replaced with hard-backed chairs. That's a shame because I've witnessed many a weary post-chemo or post-transplant patient taking a snooze on those chairs.

And they've removed the comfy couch that was halfway between the clinic and the coffee stand. On bad days, I would count my steps knowing that I could collapse on that couch.

I recommended that my friend Brad's widow visit your blog. I know it's an overwhelming time for her now and it's probably too much for her to visit, but I will gently remind her again in a few weeks.

Petrea said...

"Too busy to be a patient..." Susan, you are something else.

I announced "Oh S**t!" at the Farmer's Market last Saturday because I'd forgot my shopping list. J said no one heard me, but I saw a few heads turn. I need to get out more, too.