Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Light Side of EOS

A friend sent me this photo of an EOS hat. I want this hat. I need this hat.

If my friend doesn't relinquish his, I may have to schedule a stop at Eos, the Paso Robles winery, on my way to a visit with the Stanford EOS specialist.

Don't you love the symmetry of that?

And I just reread an Eos post from friend and goddess gal Finnegan Begin Again. She reveals how Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, turned Eos, the goddess of the dawn, into a slut.

Besides the chuckle, the story is a good reminder to "Channel this goddess: when shrouded in darkness, when it feels like the day will never dawn. It always dawns. Follow Eos. She'll lead you to the light."

I can see that light. And there just may be a glass of wine to go along with it.


marinik said...

what a way to stay positive :)..and a glass of wine sounds pretty good huh?

Nancy said...

Susan, when will you be going to Stanford again? I may be able to get somebody to stop and get that hat for you at EOS winery. I'll work on that one for you unless you'll be driving up there soon.

Take it easy. Those darn EOS's. I'm praying for them to vanish and just leave you alone!!! love n

Petrea said...

A goddess, a hat, a jug of wine and a good attitude. They all come in handy.

Trish said...

we tried to stop at EOS once. they were closed.

we did find out once that my EOS seem to climb when I've had a little wine with dinner---back when I was having daily draws. Couldn't hurt as long as the docs approve, eh?

Nelle said...

Yes, You need one of those hats!
I am not allowed to even have wine for another five weeks. It can interfered with the antibiotics. Now is when I NEED wine, or something harder. lol
I am hoping my white count and sed rate are down...haven't gotten results from yesterday's draw yet.
Happy Thanksgiving!