Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chaos and Cocktails

I wrote before that I was brave enough to take an improv class and brave enough to perform but just not brave enough to do it in front of anyone who actually knows me.

But, what the heck. I'm feeling stronger and more willing to take risks.

I'm inviting you all to come to my improv class showcase on Tuesday, June 23, at 8 pm at The Ice House in Pasadena.

My performance may be hit or miss, but there are some seriously talented performers in my class. And I wrote a skit, being performed by two actors in class, that is actually pretty funny.

And, the way I figure it, having friends there may actually help me feel supported, not spooked.

(I just hope that my finger doesn't decide to do that "thing it does" while I'm on stage. Maybe I can improv around it.)


Jen said...

I would love to come but its a bit far to travel!
I wish you well and hope the 'finger' bit behaves.

marinik said...

aww, good for you... and hey the whole "finger thing" may actually work for the best :) good luck I hope I can make it

Marcy said...

You are going to be such a hit with anyone fortunate enough to attend! I knew you would be brave enough! With your personality and sense of humor I have no doubt that it will be the best Improv ever! You go gf! ;)

altadenahiker said...

Golly. Wouldn't miss it!

Sue G said...

Would that I could come and be part of your audience. I am a great audience, thanks to my belly laugh...and if you saw my belly, you would understand just what a contribution that would be!!

Break a leg, metaphorically speaking that is.

Trish said...

Oooh, probably the only thing that would draw me back to the Ice House since I saw Rosie there eons ago...alas we have choir scheduled that evening and even with insta-transport, we'd be hard pressed to do both. You can't dance with one tuchis at two weddings.

You are more brave than I am, but we knew that.

And maybe you CAN work the finger thing in...at least it's not my middle finger while you're up there! ;-)

break a leg!

Anonymous said...

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Tri Mommy said...

I would love to be there... I love your blog. You'll be great!

Nelle said...

OH how I wish I could come and see you. I know you will be wonderful.
"Break a leg."

Susan C said...

Thanks, everyone, for your support and good wishes.

Wish you could all come.

AH, really? I'd be tickled to have you there.

Paula L. Johnson said...

I'll be there. (It was on my calendar before you decided to tell the world!)