Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spa Day

Turn off the cell phone and the laptop.

Curl up with a favorite book.

Enjoy a complimentary room service lunch served in bed.

Indulge in a never-ending supply of warm blankets.

Shut out the world.

I have been looking forward to spending the day at the spa at the Montage in Laguna Beach ever since I toured the lavish resort in November.

I still haven't made it there, but I did get to experience the next best thing: I spent most of yesterday at Hotel Hope for my quarterly fix of Rituxan.

Hotel Hope doesn't have much of a view, but it does offer at least one thing that the Montage doesn't. After the nurse pushed Benadryl through my veins, I settled in for a deep, three-hour sleep.

Shut out the world indeed.


Sue G said...

Benadryl does the complete opposite with me. I get wired!

How nice that they supply you with a free meal (like anything is free in a hospital setting!). If the food is anything like the food at Northwestern, it is inedible...even if it is "free."

Love your socks!

marinik said...

you're amazing.... to be able to make that experience a pleasant one... too cute... hope you make it to the spa soon and enjoy the real thing :)

Susan C said...

Sue, I never heard of the wired Benadryl effect.

I've become very savvy and specific about what to order for lunch. I go for the "low bacteria" lunch of tuna in a can with 1 pack of mayo, 1 pack of mustard and 2 packs of relish. I substitute crackers for bread. It comes with a cup of peaches and a chocolate brownie. Not bad.

Mari, I hope to make it to the Montage soon. They actually have a fantastic deal. If you book any treatment, you get to spend the entire day at the spa and indulge in as many classes as you like, including yoga on the beach.

altadenahiker said...

It's spa day for me at the county courthouse. Actually, it's like a transatlantic flight, but without the booze.

The do have wifi though.

I could use those socks right now.

Ronni Gordon said...

I hope you enjoyed your spa. Good way to look at it. Benadryl knocks me out too. I had some yesterday (with warm blankets) while getting platelets and blood, and I slept all afternoon.

susiegb said...

Those socks looked cosy! As Marinik says - it's great that you're able to make a rituxin infusion into a pleasant experience! (Not that it's a bad experience in itself - just the fact of having to have it isn't so great!!)

Hope you get all 'spa'd' out soon!

Becky Smith said...

I always enjoy your writing, whatever the topic! And spas and Benadryl are certainly topics with plenty of interest. Or at least you make them SEEM that way.

A Cancer Mom and Cancer Banter Fan,

Nancy said...

Hi Susan, You do make it seem nice... but we all know otherwise... How long do you have to be on Rituxin?

I get the same slumber with a good dose of benedryl. But, I usually force myself to wake up quickly so as not to bore my mom-driver-company.

Hope all is well. How are the EOS counts these days? How's the cough? I'll call you soon.

Trish said...

there is a small percentage of folks who have the opposite effect from benadryl. like...someone we know with steroids and losing weight. ahem! ;-)

I've managed to coerce the doc not to give me the full HUGE doze of benadryl for infusions---after they almost couldn't wake me up after the first time they "insisted" I take the full 50+mg Rx'd. Ususally when I take that much, I'm asleep and groggy for 2-3 DAYS.

But what I lol'd about was your blue feet. I JUST told a friend about the massages we got when I visited (am still looking for someone here to do the same)---and how amazed you were at how WHITE my feet were. Do I dare call you a smurf now? ;-)

Glad you had some time "out" and get to Montage!

Susan C said...

AH Those county facilities are so dreary. I'll take CoH any day.

Ronni, Even after waking from my long snooze, I'm still a bit groggy for the rest of the day. I probably would have slept more if I didn't have meetings to attend. (Or maybe the meetings were just a snooze.)

Susie, I think it may be time for the real spa. I was actually giddy getting ready for my CoH spa day.

Becky, A fan? Now that makes me giddy!

Nancy, I just have two more quarterly Rituxans to go. Time goes quickly.

The EOS are still behaving themselves and I'll soon be down to 15mg on the Prednisone.

Trish, It sounds like our bodies react the same way to Benadryl. Are you the same way with general anasthesia? I always have to have "the talk" with the doctor putting me under so that they use enough to put me out but no more. Docs tell me it's an "Asian thing." We're cheap dates.

LOL about the white and blue feet.

Dr. Swill said...

Not exactly my idea of spa day. But, the Beni is really great for catching up on much need stress. Maybe we could request a foot massage with our chemo!

After my most recent visit for my annual check I feel like a cat the just got thrown into the Jacuzzi. I'm in desperate need of a spa day!

Maybe we should open an all cancer resort and spa!


BaldyLocks said...

I love your take on your day. I can certainly relate!

John Wiswell said...

Sleep the sleep of the just, Susan.

Nelle said...

When I was given benadryl in the emergency room they said it has alcohol in it. You shouldn't drive for 6 hours after taking it. I feel hungover afterwards too. Nothing like warm blankets. There are certain hospital percs. Those socks look warm and comfy.

Anonymous said...


Glad to see you are hanging in there! And I love those socks!

Lisa C.

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