Friday, May 29, 2009

Does Cancer Make You Brave?

I don't know, but, in my case, it at least makes me more willing to take risks. Here are a few of my latest:

Fear of Fiction: When I was a child, I wrote fiction with abandon, but gave up in high school. Those really great writers managed to uninspire me. I could never come close to writing anything as great, so why even try? I've just broken the fiction fast with a submission to pal Paula Johnson's Rose City Sister's Flash Fiction site.

I Hate Irrational Numbers: I'll be reading this piece at the IWOSC (Independent Writers of Southern California) Reads Its Own event on June 7, 2 to 4 pm, at Barnes & Noble at The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles.

Improv Improvement: My improv class will be showcasing its work at the Ice House Comedy Club in June. I'm brave enough to take the class and brave enough to participate in the show, but I'm not quite brave enough to invite my friends. (At this point, potential humiliation in front of people I'll never see again seems preferable.) But bear with me; I'm workin' on that.


Marcy said...

I have an idea! Have someone tape the improv and feature it on your blog since you are afraid to invite your friends. You can be brave and show us, then maybe that will help you be brave enough next time to invite your friends! ( just a friendly, possibly self serving suggestion tehe ) =]

Marie said...

Cancer is the one word that instigates fear in everyone. Braveness might come from it but it also lets you see a new world and be grateful

Ronni Gordon said...

You certainly have put yourself out there in many ways. That's a form of bravery.

marinik said...

Ditto on what Ronni said..
The Ice House Huh.... maybe I'll look you up :)

Petrea said...

I just posted a comment on your story at Rose City Sisters. I can't believe it's your first fiction. Well, actually, I can. You're and experienced writer and it shows. (I also tweeted about it on both my Twitter accounts.)

I'm coming to Barnes & Noble June 7th, like it or not. Wanna carpool?

I would love to see you improvise, but I understand. I don't know if you know I used to improvise for a living in Chicago, yet I haven't been brave enough to get up and do it in years. I know how hard it is and I applaud you.

Susan C said...

Marcy, That's a great idea. As a matter of fact, our teacher said that he wanted to make sure to tape the skit I wrote.

Marie, You're so right!

Ronni and Mari, That's for sure. Mari, uh oh. (Hoping to be braver by then)

Petrea, Thanks for your comment at Rose City. That is so cool that you used to do improv in Chicago. I didn't know.

Ann said...

Cancer doesn't make you brave, but for some people it's a catalyst for self revelation that allows us to see just how much courage we're in possession of. You, my dear, have the lion's share

altadenahiker said...

Dang! (You know we all want to crash the stand-up, but won't.)

Nancy said...

Are you sure you can't invite just me??? : ) You know how bad I need to laugh!!! Please, pretty please??? Good Luck Girlfriend! I know you'll do great!

Marcy said...

Have a wonderful day! Hope all is well! xo~

Rae said...

I hadn't thought of myself as Brave, but maybe..
But I really feel that I am learning how to be my own advocate.Not easy for a people pleaser, but very necessary for a survivor.
I see you as very brave and courageous.
I really 'enjoyed' your web site and your description and devotion to helping find a cure for Lymphoma. Very interesting and I am going to google it now to learn more.
Thanks for being.

Anonymous said...

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