Tuesday, June 24, 2008

None But the Brave

I've been smiling a lot more lately.

No, I'm not happier. I'm just more vain.

You see, if I'm smiling or animated, I like the way I look. But when I'm writing or reading or thinking or just sitting around doing nothing, the little corners of my mouth curl down into a sad frown. It's a very unattractive look that doesn't necessarily reflect the way I'm feeling.

Even the animated Ellen DeGeneres, who turned 50 this year, commented on how beautiful and serene a 20-something guest actress looked without turning up the corners of her mouth. "If I'm not smiling," Ellen explained, "I look sad or mad."

I was tired of looking sad or mad when I felt happy and serene. The solution was just a syringe of Radiesse away. My dermatologist used my face as a pin cushion and punctured my mouth area 40 times (yes, I counted) with the miracle solution. Some of the punctures were painless, others felt like gnat stings, and a few were like bee stings.

And they say cancer patients are brave.


SAMO Calling said...

Susan - I just read last week's issue of Newsweek (w/Churchill on the cover). If you haven't seen it, you might find it interesting. It has several articles on cancer, but what struck me was one article about the relationship between oncologists and their patients. I immediately thought of Forman and you. Check 'em out!

Susan Carrier said...

Hi samo,
I read several of those Newsweek cancer articles online, but somehow I missed the one about the oncologist-patient relationship. I'll look for it.