Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Day of Rest

I went to the City of Hope for my semi-annual PET scan this morning. As a confirmed claustrophoic, I can't enter the tunnel without a dose of Atavan. The problem is that it takes me an entire day to sleep off the anti-anxiety drug. Here's how my day went:

-7:30 am Arrive at City of Hope and strap on name bracelet
-7:35 am Thumb through Esquire Magazine. Read article (written by a woman) about ten things women find sexy about men
-7:40 am Tip the scales and visit the toilet
-7:45 am Take Atavan
-7:50 am Receive racioactive isotope through IV
-7:51 am SLEEP
-8:30 am Enter the PET scanner
-8:31 am SLEEP
-9:30 am Wake up and drive home with friend
-10:00 am Putter in garden, break fast with yogurt and blackberries
-11:00 am SLEEP
-2:00 pm Wake up groggy from sleep. Eat lunch. Run errand.
-3:00 pm SLEEP
-7:00 pm Wake up groggy from sleep
-11:00 pm Bedtime, but NOT SLEEPY

I've been running on two speeds lately - fast and faster - so it was great to have a day on the slow, slower and comatose settings.

Next week, I'll have my CT scan on Monday and my quarterly dose of maintenance Rituxan on Tuesday. Then the following Monday, June 16, will be an "evenlope day." That's when I'll review my scan and blood results with Dr. Forman.

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: I experienced another postponement of treatment because of low blood counts.


Paula L. Johnson said...

I am all for a nice nap, but it's a bummer to blow the whole day for one scan.

Could you listen to podcasts or books on CD or other programming during the scan? Could a friend come and play 20 questions with you? Would any of that help the claustrophobia?

Susan Carrier said...

This was my fourth PET scan, and I don't remember having so much trouble waking up before. I think the next time I"ll ask for a smaller dose of Atavan.

I have to do the same thing whenever I go under general. I have a long chat with the anesthesiologist about being half Japanese and a total lightweight in the drug department. That did the trick when I was under to have my Hickman inserted. Otherwise, I am unwakeable for 24 hours.