Monday, March 17, 2008

San Francisco Attraction

By now, Cancer Banter readers know I love San Francisco. So, what's the big attraction? There's that Japanese Spa I like. The amazing 270 degree views from my friend Sisi's house near Coit Tower rank among the most spectacular in the city. And great shopping, restaurants and museums are practically synonymous with SF.

All of these things keep me coming back again and again, but the city's greatest attraction these days is my dear friend Bob. Since I've shared his story (Tell Me a Story and Bucket List or Grumpy Old Men) on previous posts, I thought I'd share these pictures from our February visit, compliments of our friend Kiki. (Kiki's the spunky-looking gal in glasses in the photo below.)

After a week at the SF VA Hospital and two weeks at a rehab facility, Bob is back at home again with his cat.

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