Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fork or Food?

The name of my food blog is Open Mouth, Insert Fork (a takeoff on "Open mouth, insert foot," something at which I excel.)

It just occurred to me that Open Mouth, Insert Food may be better because "food" is just one letter away from "foot."

What do YOU think? Fork or food?


Susan Carrier said...

So far, I've received one vote for "food." "Better pun."

Anonymous said...

I vote for "food" too!

Barbara F.

frankie said...

I vote for "food" too. Insert fork sounds like a yearly visit to the OBGYN.

frankie said...

Have you started your food blog? What's the URL?

Susan Carrier said...

In spite of the votes favoring "food," I've decided to stick with the "Open Mouth, Insert Fork" moniker. (A gaggle of IWOSC and AWG writers unanimously selected fork.)

I'm still waiting for the redesign of the blog!