Thursday, December 20, 2007

What would Susan eat?

Thanks to the good folks at Duke's Mayonnaise, I have four jumbo-size jars of the decadent condiment to give away as contest prizes.

The two readers who answer the most questions correctly will win a jar of the stuff that's guaranteed to make your BLTs unforgettable.

Contest Rules:
  • Do not post your answers in the comments section. Email them to susancarrier@sbcglobalnet.
  • Answers to all questions can be found at
  • Family members are eligible.
  • In the event that more than two people achieve the same score, I'll issue a tie-breaker question.
  • If you live in a state that sells Duke's Mayo, you will not receive Duke's as your prize. (Let's face it - it's cheaper for you to go down to the local Piggly Wiggly than it is for me to box and ship it to you.) Instead, I'll substitute something that's not available at your local market.
  • Contest ends on Wednesday, January 2.


  • What kind of mayo does Susan like on her BLTs?
  • What kind of lettuce does she use on her BLTs?
  • What is Susan’s favorite breakfast in So. Cal?
  • What is Susan’s favorite breakfast in West Virginia?
  • What did cousin Nathan and his wife Francis serve for lunch during Susan’s visit to West Virginia?
  • What savory treat reignited Susan’s taste buds after her first visit to Hotel Hope?
  • When Susan gets a craving for Vietnamese egg rolls, where does she head?
  • Where does Susan go for her favorite iced tea addiction? What flavor?
  • Name six fruits that grow in Susan’s back yard.
  • Name an unusual hot dog accompaniment In West Virginia.
  • What forbidden post-transplant food did the transplant expert from the University of Minnesota forget to mention?
  • What is Susan’s (and the Carrier family’s) favorite place for pizza?
  • Name two foods that Susan ordered for breakfast at Hotel Hope.
  • Who is Susan’s favorite food writer?
  • Name a Culver City food emporium where Susan has recently shopped.


Paula L. Johnson said...

Smooks, I seem to recall fewer questions on the SAT! I am, regrettably, sitting this one out.

Susan Carrier said...

Paula, Point well taken. I guess I got a little carried away. I'll subtract a few questions.

Paula L. Johnson said...

Nah, leave it. I'm just being a cranky-pants. I've had a challenging month, and it ain't over yet!

Also, I happen to know I can likely get a dab of Duke's from you by simply making that mac 'n' cheese you like so well. Yeah, I'm a wily one.

Anonymous said...

I'll probably be sitting this one out too, as I can drive 4.5 miles to the local "Food Lion" and purchase any size Dukes I want. BTW, I tried it in my krabju salati and it was good. Thanks for encouraging me to try the brand.

Tara in VA

Lisa C. said...

What about Susan's favorite cream puffs? (I remember that one the best)

Lisa C.

Mathews Family said...

I'm so taking the cake mayo on this one! Just give me a few days... We're so busy I may need that Jan. 2 deadline!

Piper Robert said...

Can we apply for an extension on the Jan. 2 deadline?

Susan Carrier said...

Hey, how much extra time does an old retired guy need?!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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