Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Skinny on Susan

Life is a series of two steps forward and one step back. Or, in my case, two pounds forward, ten pounds back.

In my last post, I wrote about my ongoing struggle to gain weight and my visit to a nutritionist. I was alarmed today when I stepped on the scales at the City of Hope and discovered that I've gone from an underweight 112 to a skeletal 105 pounds. At this poundage, I have to be careful on the dance floor; my sharp, protruding hip bones could be lethal weapons.

Of course, this weight loss follows a week of symptoms that resembled a stomach flu. But I suspect that there's something more going on. For weeks, I've felt an uncomfortable feeling of fullness. And my body seems to have trouble absorbing nutrients A few weeks ago I learned that my Vitamin D levels were at an alarmingly low 9.5, when 30 is low normal. I'm also Vitamin C deficient, which is strange since I make a steady diet of the lemons, oranges and grapefruit from our back yard.

I know I've written before about seeing a GI specialist, and I've finally scheduled an appointment for September 7. I'm eager to get to the bottom of this. (No pun intended.)


Idelle Davidson said...

It sounds like more Hellman's mayonnaise for you, spiked with a bunch of vitamin D. I'm going to think of ways to fatten you up!

susiegb said...

Well Skinny Susan ... hope you do get to the bottom of it soon! I'm sure you've been eating cream and other forbidden (to me!) food by the bucketload. Keep us posted :)

Ronni Gordon said...

Have you tried homemade protein shakes? (I can't stand the store-bought kind.) They fed me the good kind all the time in the hospital, and I try to remember to make them at home. You probably know about this, but in any case you combine milk, a scoop of whey protein (I use Ray Robb Whey Protein because it contains 25 g. protein while many of the others are lower), ice cream and fruit if you want.

Good luck!

Jean Spitzer said...

Very low Vitamin D levels are pretty common, according to my doctor. And it's an easy thing to fix with supplement.

Sounds like you are doing what's necessary to get "to the bottom of this." Good luck!

Marc said...

I feel like I need to say something, but I'm just not sure what that is. So I'll just ramble on.

I would think your vitamin D levels are a concern, but I'm not a doctor. Plus I stopped taking Vitamin D myself, after my platelets dropped dramatically. And while the vitamin D probably wasn't the cause (although they've since gone back up to normal), being as superstitious as I am, I suspect it's just bad karma from violating my pledge never to take supplements of any kind.

BTW, I also stopped taking iron a while back as well. So I'm back to taking nothing.

Well whatever, hopefully it's just you're not eating enough dark chocolate, reeses peanut butter cup milk shakes.

I know I could really go for one of those about now. :)

Petrea said...

I was going to offer you oranges from my tree, but I see you have that covered. Keep us posted.

Susan C said...

Idelle, Let the fattening begin!

Susie, I have become an ice cream expert and always have a half gal. in the freezer.

Ronni, Yes (at least before I got sick), I was trying to do a protein smoothie every day. I need to switch from yogurt to ice cream for the extra calories. Thanks for the tip on the type of protein powder.

Jean, Yes, it's surprising to hear how many of us are low in D. I'm on the prescribed mega-supplement.

Marc, Every doctor who has heard my D levels has remarked, "That's REALLY low." Mmmm. That milkshake sounds good.

Thanks, Petrea.

Nelle said...

They recently discovered my Dad is very vitamin defficient and the doctor came to his house to give him Vitamin B12 shots. Would those be a consideration for you?

Ann said...

Susan, I hope the new doctor is able to give you insight into what's causing the poor absorption. In the mean time, I'm sending chubby thoughts your way. :)

RSA Online said...

Yikes sounds tough, I hope there's nothing seriously wrong with you.
Heck I hope there's nothing not even a little bit wrong with you :) but if you're sick I hope you get well soon!s

Nancy said...

Susan, Susan, Susan,
I would love to give you the 5-10 I'm trying to lose. I'm sorry you are having trouble retaining the weight. Maybe a daily regimen of giant Red Robin Burgers with endless fries is the ticket. Couple that with a chocolate milk shake and it's a done deal.

I think you eat so healthy that you don't realize that your calorie intake may be low. How does pizza, nachos with the works, burgers and fries, chips and all desserts sound? Basically, eat like a teenager! It could be fun!

Let me know if I can help in any way. I could bring over some Kelley's Kookies or Marie Callendar Pies, perhaps?

Take care Susan. I'm always thinking about you! love, n

Paula L. Johnson said...

Smooky, post your nutritionist's web link and give her/him a shout-out. When you get some weight on you, your RD will be a star.