Thursday, August 5, 2010

Missing in Action

Yes, it's been a while since I've posted. Friends often ask me why I haven't updated more often, and I tell them it's boring to post (and read), "I'm sick with a cold."

I recently realized that I've been sick almost continuously since early December. Back-to-back flus followed by back-to-back-to-back colds with a short bout of pneumonia thrown in for good measure. Every time I think, "I'm back," my temperature spikes to 101 - my body's signal that I have another cold coming on.

I think I'm at the tail end of a cold and am enjoying the surge in energy and the chance to finally work on "rebuilding."

Speaking of rebuilding, I saw a medical doctor/nutritionist about gaining weight. The mere act of keeping a daily diet diary has made me realize that I really don't eat enough to maintain my weight, let alone pack on a few pounds. (There, I said it.) And the reason I don't eat enough is that I almost always feel uncomfortably full, like I'm going to explode. I don't think this is normal.

Otherwise, life is good. I've enjoyed watching the guest house and the baby grow. The house will soon be complete, but baby Joseph will keep on growing (a bittersweet realization).

If you're interested in a new way of brewing coffee, check out Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


Marc said...

I know how it is about posting. It's hard to come up with anything interesting or topical most of the time. You're probably thinking about how inane some of my posts are.

And I only wish I would have to see a nutritionist to gain weight, but I don't have that problem. In fact that is the main reason I ride my bike so much, that is not to gain any weight.

Anywaze, glad to see you back.

Petrea said...

I hope the nutritionist helps. Maybe eating a little better/more can help fend off the colds and flu bugs. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Susan C said...

Marc, You've manage to stay entertaining and informative on your blog.

Petrea, You're so right. Our #1 goal is to build up my immune system and the weight gain is a secondary goal.

Nancy said...

Isn't it funny how some people are always trying to lose weight while others are trying to gain it? I guess the grass is always greener... I still wish I could donate 10 pounds to you. Then I'd be the right weight and you'll have a little more. Right now I'm exactly the perfect weight. I'm just 5 inches too short!!! haha Take care and feel better my friend! love ya, n

Paula L. Johnson said...

I'm with Nancy—how can I send you some weight?

Keep us posted about the nutritionist.

Nelle said...

Susan, When I eat less my stomach shrinks and it's easier to lose weight. I have never had a problem with regaining it though. Probably more frequent meals would work. I so understand how you are feeling. My breathing issues persist. I don't know how I make it through the days at work. Have been back six weeks and it feels like years. The lung issue is ongoing. My chest xrays show there are still issues but at this time undetermined. I just want one day, one week to feel well and energetic and enjoy myself. Then my friends break a nail and carry on. May they never know.......sending good thoughts and hugs your way,

Ronni Gordon said...

I meant to comment on this earlier. I go through the same questioning: Too boring to write? But your posts are never boring. They're so well-written and interesting to carry on!