Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shedding Some Light on EOS

Since eosinophilic blood disorders are extremely rare, only a handful of doctors in the country specialize in them. One of them, Dr. Gotlib, is a hematologist with the Stanford Cancer Center. Since I've been itching to take a trip to SF anyway, I decided to combine the getaway with a visit with Dr. Gotlib on April 27.

He'll review a year's worth of my blood charts and my doctor's notes before our appointment next Monday. I'm eager to find out his conclusions and recommendations for a course of action.

I want to get away from the watch, wait, react mode.

In the mantime, I'm still enjoying the extra boost of Prednisone-fueled energy, I'm eating like a horse and I'm not gaining or losing weight. All good things.


Ronni Gordon said...

Hope you get some good information. Enjoy your trip to SF!

susiegb said...

Hope you have fun in SF - it's many many years since I was there!

And let's hope the doctor can set you up with a good plan to keep those eos under control permanently (or whatever counts for permanently nowadays!)

Sue G said...

I like proactive people! Good for you. Hope this doctor can give you some direction as you move forward. Clearly, you don't need help in motivating you to keep going. You sound like you live a very rich, full life.

Have a great trip. I'm sure we'll be hearing all about some wonderful restaurants as well as this doctor's medical opinion!

altadenahiker said...

You're holding firm. Yay.

Nancy said...

Susan, hopefully the doctor up there can shed some new light on this matter. I'm praying for an easy fix!!! Take it easy. love,n

Margaret said...

Seeing the Stanford Dr. seems like a great idea. We're going to S.F. too! I'll be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge with 4000 Girl Scouts on the 9th of May.

Trish said...

sounds like you're doing the right thing m'dear! The good or bad news is, I've never seen that doc---so my EOS issues haven't been serious enough apparently---but it means I can't give you any insight in to him or pointers.

which reminds me, I need to pester my doc for an appointment now that my allergies seem 40000% better and get my next bloodwork and scan.

would love to see you if you have the time.