Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Cupcake Time

Wouldn't ya' know that the shop that sells the cupcake voted best in Southern California is practically in my back yard.

I'm back on the infamous "booty or bust" tour and, on a quest for calories, I decided to check out Polkatots Cupcakes. Go ahead. Take a sample at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


Ann said...

I think you live in the center of the delicious food universe. I want to go to there. :)

Paula L. Johnson said...

That name cracks me up. I thought Polkatots were kids with measles.

Susan C said...

Ann, Pasadena likes to think of itself as the center of the universe, period, not just the food universe.

Can't wait to take you and Chris on a whirlwind food tour one day!

Paula, LOL. I thought Polkatots were toddlers dancing to accordion music.

Sue G said...

Okay, here's what we need to do. We exchange metabolisms for the next six months. After that time, I will have a waist and will be able to see my feet while standing, and you will have found all the calories you need in order to lose small children and animals as they journey below your stomach.

At the end of six months, we return each other's respective metabolisms to its rightful owner. I buy a totally new wardrobe.

And you move far away from the cupcake shoppe.

Trish said...

I vote for Sue's suggestion---I'll take the next 6 months after her...am sure you and I and Sue would all benefit! Where's the signup list?!?!

The whole steroid poundage is less than amuzing for those of us who are undertall.

oy FREEKING vey!

Susan C said...

Sue, I'll agree to the swap only if I get to choose where the weight I gain goes.

Trish, Same deal!

Sue G said...

Um, if I had control over that do you think I would have chosen my...well, anything?

And, Susan, let's face it...from your photo you look quite petite. There aren't that many places weight can go after a while, especially on someone who (I am assuming) is as short as you.

Are you prepared for size 11 shoes?

Susan C said...

Sue, Funny that you should picture me as short. I'm an Amazon woman - 5'10".

Size 11 shoes? You need to get together with Trish.

Sue G said...

I don't have size 11 shoes. I just figured that if you were 5'2" and suddenly started putting on MY weight, some of it would end up in your feet.

Are you really 5'10" tall????????

So are all three of my daughters. Wish I was. Then my weight might be better distributed!

altadenahiker said...

More like 5'10-1/2"

Susan C said...

5'10" and a sprinkle

Cafe Pasadena said...

In reality, she looks even taller! So, she has plenty of room to store away food for the winter, even some dog bones for me.

Sue G said...

As much as I enjoy this back and forth banter, I an SO VERY ready for another post from you! (It's difficult to have an addictive personality when the addiction disappears for five days!) Thus, I have been toggling back and forth between your two blogs, reading old posts and copying recipes. (Photos of my girth imply that I love to eat, but, alas, I am such a picky eater that I refuse to taste most things normal people love. So I copy recipes that I know would never touch my lips but that I will make for company, knowing that normal people will love them!) Having normal friends can be a burden at times, but it's a cross I'm prepared to bear...and cook for.)

Time for an update, don't you think? Or is eating 3000-3500 calories a day too time consuming?

I dunno...I manage to fit it into my schedule quite easily.

Susan C said...

Hi Sue, My blogging habits are like my life habits - all or nothin'.

I finally did a post last night about Harvey Wallbanger cake (hic) and this morning I'm going for breakfast in Beverly Hills.

Anonymous said...

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