Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh, Jackie O

My friend Lisa recently informed me that actor Gene Wilder developed and recovered from non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Her source? Wikipedia. I was so busy researching some of the top cancer websites that I completely neglected to check out this oft-maligned site.

So I went to the site banned by the history department of Middlebury College and checked out other notable members of the non-Hodgkins lymphoma club:

I like being in company with Jackie O, but her choices are not the choices I plan and likely not the choices she would make if she was diagnosed in 2004 instead of 1994. According to Cokie Roberts' book "Founding Mothers," Ms. Onassis decided to start eating desserts after her NHL diagnosis. And according to a NY Times article, "An Onassis Legacy: Facing Death on One's Own Terms," Ms. Onassis refused treatment that could have prolonged her life.

I respect her choice, but I'm grateful to be a member of a different club. In 2007, we "cellmates" have lots of treatment choices and healthy optimism for a full recovery.


Carolyn H. said...

Hey Susan, great blog! I like this idea. I'm disheartened that you are having to face this struggle, but your spirit is so uplifting and I enjoy your postings. It is nice to be able to get updates so easily. I hope the incoming results will have good news (and that your remaining procedure will be easy). I'm glad you are finding such good care at the City of Hope. Hope is a fabulous word! God knows you've had a few other circumstances where hope was a tad elusive and look how those times have changed. I enjoy spending time with you so much and I'm glad you are my friend. Keep writing. It's wonderful!

Emily M. said...

Aunt Susan! I'm glad you've decided to blog so that we can all share in your thoughts, ideas, and adventures during this time. I pray for you daily and hope that you are rested in the "peace that surpasses all understanding". I love you so much and am so inspired by your strength.

Laurie said...

Hi Susan - Thinking of you today...I'll plan to catch with you in person on Monday night at Pauletta's debut. Laurie S

Tara said...

Tara here. I just found out your news from Mom and Amy that you now have a blog. We'll be praying for you tomorrow. I had a spinal tap when I was diagnosed with menegitis and had that horrid bout last year. The test itself is very short and feels on par with a quick bee sting, but the pain doesn't last but for a second. If you should have any problems from the procedure, please let me know. There are things that can help. I've had the procedure 3 times.

Karen C said...


Great blog. I love the way you write. You have a great spirit. Much love,
Ken and Karen

Anonymous said...

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