Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feeling Guilty?

I've been suffering
from blogging guilt, gardening guilt and grapefruit guilt. At least there's a cure for the last one. Read all about it at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


Unknown said...

Hi Susan
We've never met but I'm so happy to know you're alive! I'm a 2X cancer survivor (NHL) who found your blog some time ago. I've followed your journey, been inspired by your posts and remembered you in my prayers. (I'm a pastor, married 30 years last wek and I have 2 amazing adult kids)

I'd returned to your blog from time to time since December, always hoping for a new entry letting me know that cancer hadn't claimed yet another warrior.

I paused tonight before clicking the link to your site hoping not to see the "When Fatigue Sets In" article at the top of your page... My heart leapt to see new activity after 6 months!

Our journey has taught my wife and I to "enjoy the good days, endure the bad days and keep going forward." I hope you have many many good days ahead as you go forward.


linda ryan said...

You don't know me, but I too have been following your blog and been wondering if all was well. I also have mantle cell and have just celebrated my 3 year in remission.

I am so glad you are well and it made my night when I checked your blog for some / any news.

Anyway, best wishes from Scotland and I can't stop smiling that you are still with us :-)


Susan C said...

Tom, Thanks so much for the lovely comment.

I think you said it far better than I ever have when you wrote, "Enjoy the good days, endure the bad days and keep going forward." So well put, and I'm honored that you think CB has imparted that message.

Wishing you many good days ahead too (and the strength to get through the bad ones).

Linda, Thank you as well for your lovely note. Congratulations on three years in remission from MCL. I will be celebrating my four-year "re-birthday" on November 13.