Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Flop on the Floor and a Flop in the Kitchen

Just a day before my flop on the hardwood floor, I had a flop in the kitchen. My gourgeres, intended to be lighter-than-air cheese puffs, were as flat and dense as buttons.

Read about the cheese flops at Open Mouth, Insert Fork.


Nancy said...

OMG Susan, I just caught up on my blog buddies after our explosion incident at our dental office last week. I am SOOOOO sorry that you fell and broke your hip. If there's anything I can do, please call me. I can get to you anytime and take you anywhere!

It was great to see you at A3M's Benefit Dinner/Concert. Your accident happened just a few days after I saw you. You looked great last Sunday.... I am truly sorry about your hip.... love ya, n

Anonymous said...

So sorry Susan about your fall, what a nightmare! I appreciate your concerns about he pain meds, but based on your attitude, I don't anticipate any problems with this.

You are incredibly resilient and an inspiration for all of us. My love to you, we will miss you on Saturday.