Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What are the Odds?

I am one lucky gal, and I have the winning raffle tickets to prove it.

At A3M's benefit dinner and concert last Saturday, my raffle ticket was pulled out of a hopper with thousands of other ticket stubs. Just as I was thinking about how I would spend my $500 windfall, I heard the emcee gasp in amazement.

"I can't believe this, but the same person has won twice." She once again called my name and announced that I had just won an NBA basketball signed by the entire Laker team and two tickets on the floor for a Laker game. I was too busy mentally calculating the odds of being a two-time winner to scream in excitement. Besides, I have this minor character flaw - I don't bleed purple and gold.

On Monday morning I was contemplating how I would spend my lucky money. Should I donate it back to A3M or another favorite charity? Should I treat four friends to a lavish dinner? Should I continue my pursuit for the perfect purse?

These thoughts were swirling as I pulled out of the parking lot after the YWCA' s Women for Racial Justice Breakfast. Then I heard the unmistakable crunch of mangled metal. My Prius had a close encounter with a parking lot pillar.

Now at least I know how I'll spend my windfall. Oh, lucky me.


susiegb said...

Had to smile, even though I really sympathise! As one who had an 'encounter' with a wallaby jumping out of the bush and colliding with the front of my car a few weeks ago! It carried on so I don't know how it fared. And the damage to my car seemed really slight. Until the insurance assessors got into the act and got me a quote ... Sigh!! Double my excess ... !

Petrea said...

I hear Mr. Bill shouting, "Oh Noooooooo!"

Nancy said...

Oh Susan... if you really didn't know how to spend the $500 you could've asked me instead of wrecking the car!!! Just kidding. I'm sorry you got into an accident. The main thing is that you are okay. It was great seeing you at the Benefit Dinner & Concert. What a great turnout and thanks for all your help for yet another successful event!

I had an appointment at COH today. Got my flu shot but they still don't have the Swine Flu (H1N1 shot - the non-live vaccine) They aren't allowed to have the nasal mist anywhere on their campus because it's a live virus! Hope you got your flu shot girl!

Take Care!!! n

Ann said...

Ouch! Maybe you could sell the Lakers tickets and get something fun that you would enjoy instead?

Susan C said...

Susie, Sometimes I forget that you're from a distant land down under until I hear stories of collisions with a wallaby. We were just talking about the risk of close encounters with deer when we were back in West Virginia. Almost everyone has a story. "It came out of nowhere."

Petrea, I think my shouting from the fender bender was much louder than my shouting from winning the auction.

Nancy, you're a true friend to help me think of ways to spend my winnings. : )

The benefit dinner was such a success. I can't wait to hear how much money A3M made from raffle sales and the silent auction.

Ann, Even though I'm not a fan, I think it will be a fun experience to have seats with the glitteratti. I may even sit near Jack Nicholson.

The ball is an entirely different matter. It means nothing to me. I'm thinking of either raffling it and donating the money to A3M or giving it to a kid in cancer treatment who's a true Laker fan.

Marc said...

I was wondering when you were going to post something again. I was starting to get concerned. It had been almost 3 weeks.

Anyways, as far as how to spend the $500, i vote for taking a few friends out for a lavish dinner.

Susan C said...

Marc, Most of the time things are going well when I don't post. If something's awry, I have a need to write about it. :)

Not surprised that you'd pick the dinner. Of course, with the wines you'd want to pick, I'm sure the $500 wouldn't go far.

altadenahiker said...

Ain't it the way? Still, I'll go halfsies on a lottery ticket with you anytime.

eda said...




Paula L. Johnson said...

Oh, no!