Friday, March 19, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

I really love the stretches of time when Cancer Banter lies dormant and Open Mouth, Insert Fork sizzles with food activity.

The food overindulgence is paying off. I found out yesterday at the City of Hope that I've packed on seven pounds in a month. (And, if you've been following my food blog, you'll see why.) Now I just need to gain another dozen pounds to go from "scrawny" to "svelte."

[photo forthcoming]

I've also been indulging in some good wines, but still haven't managed to visit the EOS Estate Winery in Paso Robles.

The EOS cap brought me good cheer, and it must also be bringing me good luck. Ever since Nancy brought it over, my EOS have been behaving. Yesterday I found out that they decreased (sans steroids) slightly since my last blood draw a month ago. I believe my EOS woes (and the accompanying stress) are behind me.

I'm always amazed at the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes in to helping others who are going through or recovering from cancer or a serious illness. Instead of a perfunctory, "Let me know what I can do," some of you may have offered to help with nitty gritty tasks, like cleaning out the litter box or scrubbing the toilets. If there's a disconnect between your intentions and your scrub brush, you may want to visit Cleaning for a Reason, an organization that provides free cleaning services for cancer patients. (Thanks to Petrea for forwarding this website.)

A concerned friend of blogger Assertive Cancer Patient lives in a different state, so she couldn't bring over a home-cooked meal. She did the next best thing and made arrangements for a pizza delivery. This works for close-distant friends too, because sometimes it's easier to make a call than make a meal. Just remember to contact the patient to find out when they'd like the delivery made and what toppings the family likes. (And, of course, delivery doesn't have to be confined to pizza.)

I love the creativity of Susan Kitchens, who made an audio tape of her walk, complete with the sounds of zooming cars and cheeping birds, and brought it to a friend who is landlocked in the hospital after an organ transplant. If only there was a way to record the amazing spring fragrances.

I feel uplifted just thinking about the love and thoughtfulness that goes into these acts. They're a great reminder that it's better to do something than to do nothing and feel guilty about it.

Have you been on the giving or receiving end of a thoughtful act? I'd love to hear about it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Becoming Dis-Oriented

Disorientation is nothing new to me. I was born without a sense of direction.

But lately I've been thinking about the way marketers use the term "Oriental," as in "Oriental Flavor Ramen."

Don't get lost on your way to Open Mouth, Insert Fork.